motherofsleipnir said: Westboro Baptist may have only 40 members, but the tumblr in action subreddit, which makes fun of people who care about sexism/racism/etc, has 115,148 subscribers. And that's only ONE hateful subreddit. There's plenty of others that I don't feel like tracking down because I'd rather not have to see that shit (I spent a fews years on reddit, and I don't want to go back in). So yeah, I'd say that'd make reddit a cesspool of racism, misogyny, and hatred rather than a loud minority of assholes.

In b4 I regret responding to this, but here goes: 

1. Reddit has 114 million unique users every month. .1% of reddit is subcribed to /r/TumblrinAction. That’s point one percent. 

2. You literally are only exposed to any given subreddit if you subscribe to it.