This is the most culturally significant song of the 90s. 

You don’t understand, this song gets stuck in my head like once a week. Help me.

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I went to a wedding recently. 

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So I’m making the website and realizing that I literally don’t have a name for the D&D comic, and every instinct in my body is telling me to just called it the Noob the Loser D&D Comic. 

I was working with the title “Chris Hates D&D”, also. What do you guys think I should call the comic? Do you think I’d get a cease and desist for calling it “The D&D Comic”?

Logan uses some weird placeholders while he’s working on the site…. 

Logan uses some weird placeholders while he’s working on the site…. 

ramroc asked: Hey Noob, I heard theres a connection between you and College Humor. Whats that about?

I just finished and am doing some more work for them. 

My first thing for them, six exclusive Behind-the-GIFs, went up today. Go look at it! 


The secret origins of your favorite gifs, REVEALED!

Finish reading The 6 Ridiculous Comics that Explain Your Favorite GIFS

Here’s the thing I did for CollegeHumor. Click the link for the rest of them!

This series was inspired by the ever-hilarious Behind-the-Gif subreddit.

Hey look!

moenetteistumblin did a comic featuring E&W and I found it because you can’t hide your fan arts from me no matter how hard you try. Also I follow her, so that probably helped.

Read it here.

drackomancer asked: Fffff. So maybe all I had to do to find the comics was look at your tumblr page. (hello i am genius) But could you still tell me more about Elf and Warrior? How did you get the idea for your comics?

I’m going to take this opportunity to explain some stuff about E&W, since I’ve been posting a lot about it lately and I’ve gained probably 4,000 followers since the last time I posted any real new content about them.

I made the first comic based on a story told to me by Will(willmanda). This was when I was still drunk on the idea that anyone cared about my comics, since I’ve been cartooning for years with no fanfare or interest. The comic seemed well-received and I enjoyed the format, so I started to think of what would happen after they inadvertently killed their rogue. Hence, the ‘Elf & Warrior Need a Rogue’ storyline was born.

The vast majority of what you can find on the Elf & Warrior Tumblr was made in two frantic weeks at exceedingly low quality, since I was under the impression that I had to pump out a tremendous amount of content to remind people that I was funny or they’d lose interest. However, as I became comfortable with the idea that everyone wouldn’t abandon me if I slowed down, I sort of cringed at my own laziness regarding not only the art, but the writing and the format. The result of this personal crisis has been that there’s been no new E&W content for months except for concept art, format experimentation, and fan art. (Some really amazing fan art. I cannot express my glee or gratitude at people’s apparent interest in these characters.)

Basically, they remain a project of passion for me, and I’m still deliberating their future. A renewed interest in drawing all-the-fucking-time due to my marginal success has given me a lot more confidence in the design and interest in making it a really visually appealing story, and I have a lot of content that I’m holding onto as I figure out the best way to present it. A lack of planning has made the D&D comic very difficult to write for, and I want to give E&W a better treatment as part of my growth as a cartoonist. 

To be candid, there is a struggle between the amount of time it takes to create an E&W I’d be satisfied with and how much time I actually have to dedicate to the project alongside stuff I get paid for. Consequently, I’ve been off-and-on tentatively developing it as a pitch for animation to a well-known company. It’s a long shot, but I’ve had a lot of success recently with long shots. I’m amazed at how effective it is to e-mail someone and say, “Look at this cool thing I made, you should pay me to make another thing.”


I wanted a cake today. I don’t often want cake. I make cakes everyday so the desire to have cake is very rare. But today I wanted cake. So I made myself a cake. I would have free handed something but I was lazy. Lazy and hungry for cake. So here’s an Elf and Warrior cake. I’m going to eat this cake. I’m going to eat Elf and/or Warrior. I will absorb noobtheloser's powers through their cakey goodness and rule the world… 

Bow before your new god

But in all seriousness congrats to Noob for his CollegeHumor thing and I am really going to eat this cake to celebrate.


They’re endangered.

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Anonymous asked: What stuff do you do on CollegeHumor?

My first contribution is scheduled to run on Monday. I’ll be sure to link it here. 

Anonymous asked: You rank up there with Andrew Hussie when it comes to people I'd like to meet and make excited noise at. And perhaps have scrawl on a thing. Clearly this must count for something.

In all seriousness I’d love to do conventions once I actually have some kind of respectable structure for my creations. (a website) Crippling poverty also inhibits this. I’ve been doing stuff for CollegeHumor for a couple weeks now with my cartooning time, but I’m hoping to establish a weekly schedule for the D&D comic soon, and if that gains traction, YOUR WISH MAY COME TRUE because I’d sure like to meet you too buddy <3 

Someone requested the 1920 x 1080 version of the Elf & Warrior Wallpaper. It is available here.

Have a wallpaper! teckno-knight colored this for me, and I dropped it into a background and sized it for use on your desktop. I am actually using it right now. 

Have a wallpaper! teckno-knight colored this for me, and I dropped it into a background and sized it for use on your desktop. I am actually using it right now. 

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That’s a good start, anon, now keep bombing his inbox nonstop until he posts something hilarious. 

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