I know it’s hard to look at, but if we want to understand Scratchy as a character, we have to see it. 

Anyway, this is part 3. Read them all here.

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Anonymous said: My life is in shambles right now and I think I might start cutting again (I've haven't cut for 10 weeks which is pretty impressive for me and I really don't want to ruin my record) but I just wanted to say that your blog I hella cool forreal and it's really cheered me up. so thank you for that and keep doing what you're doing!!!

Come off anon and play league with me or I’ll draw you a picture. 

Guys I’m pretty sure if you want me to keep doing the Butch Chewy comics, I’m going to have to choose between making them Behind-the-GIFs and a coherent plot. 


And that’s how I made Dark Chocolate Turtle cupcakes featuring Butch Chewy today.

No regrets.

Your move, Mr. noobtheloser


By popular demand, I present to you a second installment of Butch Chewy. I stole the pun in the fourth panel from a comment. Not even sorry. Here’s the first one.

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To those of you who would dare to doubt him based on the GIF.

To those of you who would dare to doubt him based on the GIF.

First I’d like to thank my mom and dad, because they always believed in me, and.. and… oh god, I swore I wasn’t gonna cry…

First I’d like to thank my mom and dad, because they always believed in me, and.. and… oh god, I swore I wasn’t gonna cry…

I think I’ve out-done the corgi comic in terms of my most elaborate premise. I made this when I was REALLY tired. 


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I have lost so many followers over this. 

I’m sorry, everyone. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m just trying to draw cute animals for everybody and I keep just entering some kind of trance, and then when I come out of it there’s an ever-evolving crime drama involving cows and birds. Will Todd ever be brought to justice?!

I still have a lot of these to do because you guys are incredibly generous, so I’m going to announce the official cut-off of $1 panels. We’re going to end up with about 90 of these. I’ll add more on top of that for $5 if for some reason anyone is enjoying this. If so, here’s the donation link.

Here’s why I’m doing this, and here’s part 1 and part 2 for confused people. To everyone who hates this, I promise more Behind-the-GIFs and Murder Brothers soon. 

Uh wow

Well, that was significantly more than I expected. In order not to spam my followers and so that I can eat, sleep, and use the restroom, I’ll release ten or twenty a day until I catch up. Thank you all for your donations so far! 

I had one job. ONE JOB, DAMN IT.

I don’t know what happened. Somewhere I got lost. There are still many more to go, and I have lost sight of the goal. 

If you want to keep whatever the hell this is turning into going and get your own panel, donate $1 to the burrito fund. Was this about burritos? I can’t remember anymore. 

I’m scared, Nina. 

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This was the best worst decision I’ve ever made. I gave up pretty quickly on animal puns in the names and apparently restricting it to farm animals. 

Here are the first ten interesting animals for my burrito drive. So far I have received something like 30 donations, some in excess of the required dollar. You guys are really in it for the post-burrito, surrounded-by-tinfoil-weeping-on-the-floor selfie. 

Want your own? <-— Donate a dollar and get an animal. Make me suffer. 

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Oh my god this was a mistake but this is also going to be so fun and more importantly delicious. 

I fixed the donation link, by the way. If it’s still not working for any of you, send me an ‘ask.’