Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is sort of creepy. But it’s okay, I know Jessica Nigri. I mean, I don’t like know her, but I know her soul. 

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"So wait, does that make us evil?"

"No. I’m chaotic neutral, you’re just stupid." 

Throwback Thursday! Here’s one of my favorite old Elf & Warrior comics. If you’d like to read the rest of them, here’s an archive.

Other news: New comics coming to Tumblr soon, including Behind-the-GIFs. Also, I’m going to be streaming some drawing sessions with Crazy Uncle Chris (and potential guest appearances in Skype by Owlturd creator Shenanigansen) in the near future! Stay tuned. 

Anonymous said: Is everything alright? You normally updated every other day or so. Now, you don't. Did you move your stuff somewhere else?

1. In a slump. When I’m feeling well and into it, I can cartoon eight hours a day easily. Lately it’s been hard due to IRL stuff including being on-and-off sick for like two months. 

2. I’ve been doing a lot of freelance, which cuts into my just-for-you cartooning time, but pays da bills. 

Sorry for my absence. I’m going to keep cartooning for you all! I’ve just been re-adjusting in my attempt to make it my actual career and finding my place doing so. 

5 Terrible People And The Exotic Pets That Could Fix Them

1. Office Suck-up

It’s well known fact that people in any position of power are blind to the incompetence of anyone with little enough shame to kiss their ass. Work gets done, and this jackass is always there to absorb credit. Even worse, he’s bound to be promoted, and his idiocy will infect the entire workplace from the top down. And he’ll think he deserved it!

His pet: A crow. 

Unbeknownst to many, a crow actually possesses the intelligence and problem-solving abilities of child aged five or six, which is a hell of a lot more than we can say for the suck-up. The crow’s surprising ability to solve rudimentary problems should serve as a good contrast. The higher-ups will be forced to admit that a literal bird-brain does it better.

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Hey guys. This is an article I did for CollegeHumor a while ago, and I’m still strangely proud of it and wanted to share it over here on Tumblr again. I apologize if you’ve already seen it.

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Anonymous said: What happened to weekly murder brothers! I've been dieing waiting for the next!

In short, it’s probably going to go to an irregular update schedule, with longer updates of five or six pages, the way that it used to be. I will post more about this later. 

As people who have been with me for a long time here on Tumblr know, my cartooning career is in a perpetually morphing state. I got some exciting offers recently that I’ll share with you guys soon!

But expect more Murder Brothers, Elf & Warrior, Behind-the-GIFs, and random almost fanfic comics in the future. (Also the exciting conclusion to the Cow Murder Drama.) 


A glimpse into my daily crisis. 

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, when I reblog something older I made that a lot of my new followers might not have seen yet.

If you all hate this idea, blow up my inbox and I won’t do it. 

Anonymous said: are you a feminist?


Though I’d much rather have a conversation with someone about what I believe regarding any specific topic than have people hoist a host of assumptions upon me based on somewhat ambiguous labels. 

Mostly I’ll identify as a reasonable person and say that I think we all ought to be nice to each other. 

Every day I inch perilously closer to just writing fan fiction. 

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Hey guys, I sold out!! Isn’t that exciting?Go read my first BtG at

Hey guys, I sold out!! Isn’t that exciting?

Go read my first BtG at


My magnum opus…

Anyway, happy birthday to my super awesome and super talented and totally not a shirtnerd asshole friend, noobtheloser!

Thank you for always making me laugh and providing me with candid shots of Chris naked in the shower.

Love you, dude!


Also if anyone is wondering what the hell she’s referencing, I used to do a comic called Elf & Warrior <-— go read

In its short run, I got absurd amounts of fan art and I have missed it ever since I stopped doing it. :’( 

It’s my birthday today.

owlturdcomix made me a birthday comic. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

blazin-smaug said: When will the next Butch Chewy behind-the-gif come out?

Soon! This is also a good opportunity to mention that I’ll be making a weekly Behind-the-GIF for as they move to expand their content. Starting next Sunday, you’ll have AT LEAST once Behind-the-GIF per week from me —- but I’ll keep the Butch Chewy action right here on Tumblr (and Reddit.) 

In this week&#8217;s Murder Brothers, Fernando teaches us how to get along with players of different alignments.

In this week’s Murder Brothers, Fernando teaches us how to get along with players of different alignments.

"[I was never programmed to feel shame, yet here we are.]"

I do a lot of Behind-the-GIFs, and you can see them on my website.

Other people do them a lot, too. 

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MFW someone sends me a really nice fan mail but they have &#8216;ask&#8217; off so I can&#8217;t thank them. 

MFW someone sends me a really nice fan mail but they have ‘ask’ off so I can’t thank them.